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12 Of The Best Shopify Page Builder Apps

Page builder apps for Shopify have been created and designed with one important consideration in mind…. the customer experience. To stay competitive in the eCommerce world, you need your store to be fully optimized for any device, meaning it should not only look professional and current, but it should also perform well in terms of load speed, functionality, and usability. These apps have drag-and-drop interfaces, meaning you don’t need to be a coding wiz to produce stunning pages. Below is a very handy list of some of the best Shopify product and landing page builders available at the moment.


Gem Pages

Gem Pages

Gem Pages is an all-in-one tool that allows you to create high-converting Shopify product and landing pages using its drag & drop page builder. No coding knowledge is required to produce pages that load perfectly on all devices and screen sizes. Not only can you create landing pages, but also product collection pages, blog posts, contact, about and FAQ pages, and much more. There are over 50 professionally designed, fully responsive, and customizable templates to choose from. More than 2000 sellers use Gem Pages to enhance their store’s profitability.


Shogun Shopify


Shogun allows you to create visually rich, fast-loading custom pages that drive more conversions, revenue, and brand loyalty to your Shopify store. Over 18,000 brands worldwide now use Shogun to showcase their products. Shogun also uses a powerful, yet easy-to-use, drag-and-drop store builder, allowing anyone on your team to launch and a/b test landing pages, blog, and product pages — or even entire stores. Shogun is also available for other popular eCommerce platforms such as BigCommerce and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.


Pagefly Shopify


PageFly is a Shopify page builder app that helps store owners optimize their product, landing, and other pages using its drag-and-drop page editor. This means that your customers will have the best digital experience no matter what the device. It also allows you to connect to a number of other tools to help increase your store’s conversion rate. PageFly’s 80+ templates, 50+ elements, and special effects library allow you to hit the ground running and quickly give your store the makeover it needs. PageFly is also fast with lazy loading and no redundant code.


Azexo Shopify


Azexo offers a full theme builder that allows you to edit any template or override any section of your Shopify theme. This is done with its visual page composer. Azexo has focused on allowing the store owner to avoid having to hire someone to create expensive coded pages and create quality visuals themselves. Azexo features more than 110 elements such as layout, content, forms, articles, products, collections, header to make the user experience even better. It also has very SEO-friendly code and works seamlessly with many popular Shopify apps.


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