Why You Need A Supplier Directory Like SaleHoo If You’re Going To Do Dropshipping Seriously in 2021

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Dropshipping is becoming more and more popular as a form of ecommerce, but the key to successful dropshipping is finding reliable suppliers with quality sought-after products for you to sell at a good profit.  

SaleHoo is one of the many dropshipping supplier and product directories available today to assist dropshippers. They do not sell any of their own products. 

The range of suppliers featured in their directory includes manufacturers, wholesalers and liquidators. We’ll take a look at what SaleHoo has to offer so you can decide if it’s a good fit for your online business. 

Get Salehoo for just $67 per year… that’s less than $6 per month! 

Who Exactly Is SaleHoo And Where Are They From? 

SaleHoo started in 2005 and is still based in Christchurch New Zealand. 15 years later, their business is experiencing healthy growth due to the popularity of dropshipping products, mainly from China, Europe and the United States, to anywhere around the world. 

Salehoo Home page

Why Do I Need A Supplier and Product Directory? 

SaleHoo basically eliminates having to search blindly online through pages and pages of companies and products for quality, reliable suppliers. It quickly and easily provides you with the sort of information on vetted suppliers and wholesalers that matters the most, without having to sift through companies biased claims yourself. This is priceless, especially when you’re a beginner, time is of the essence and so you can’t afford to get it wrong.

Here’s just a few reasons why SaleHoo makes a lot of sense.  

Fully Vetted Suppliers 

The SaleHoo Directory gives you access to over 8000 trusted suppliers. It’s also a very powerful and insightful market research tool for sourcing trending products. Of these 8,000 suppliers, about 1,000 are actual companies that allow you to dropship their products. At the end of the day, it’s more about quality than quantity, especially when you’re looking for a reliable partnership. 

If your niche is jewelry, fashion, makeup, sporting goods, and gadgets, then SaleHoo has a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers to choose from that will ship worldwide and don’t have a ridiculous minimum order value. 

Branded Products At Wholesale Prices 

Want to sell well known and respected big-name brands like Adidas, Sony, Disney, and Lego? SaleHoo can help. They have a wide range of branded products to choose from including antiques and collectibles, health and beauty, home and garden, consumer electronics, and many more. 

Especially with branded products, SaleHoo’s extensive supplier vetting separates the real manufacturers from the scammers and fake products. This not only saves you a lot of time but also gives you the peace of mind knowing that you’re doing business legally. 

Salehoo Brands Salehoo Brands

Find What You Want Quickly With SaleHoo Directory Filters 

SaleHoo’s directory has many different filters that allow you to search for a supplier or product by dropshipper, wholesaler, liquidator, country, delivery options, price, etc. 

“Inside” Product Information 

Let’s face it, selling online or from a brick and mortar store is extremely competitive, no matter what the niche, so you need to gain an advantage over your competitors. This is where SaleHoo’s market research is worth the price of the membership alone. 

SaleHoo can track over 1.6 million products, revealing not only which niches are profitable, but also which are affordable, trending, and have low competition. The analytics they provide you with is invaluable and essential towards the success of an eCommerce store. 

Salehoo Product

Get Salehoo for just $67 per year… that’s less than $6 per month! 

Ecommerce Training By The Experts 

Your success is SaleHoo’s success, so SaleHoo has expert courses online taught by eCommerce pros that will teach you how to build, launch & grow your online store without all of the usual trial and error and make money and scale your business faster. The learning materials contain 13 hours of on-demand videos, over 30 bonus educational resources, and hundreds of various hacks to help you succeed. 

SaleHoo has more than 50 professionally written, in-depth guides and videos to help you sell successfully on Shopify or Amazon for example, or via an online marketplace like eBay. Some of the guides cover importing and shipping, sourcing products, setting up your business, avoiding scammers, and much more. 

The courses are perfect for beginners who want to know everything about starting and growing an eCommerce business. The courses include Build A Successful Dropshipping Store on Shopify, or start selling Private Label products on Amazon. If you want to learn everything you need to, then these courses are for you. 

Salehoo Courses

The SaleHoo Dashboard 

SaleHoo’s dashboard allows you to keep track of each and every supplier, and product data you’re monitoring, as well as tracking progress with your modules and training. 

You can also correspond with wholesalers, dropship suppliers, or anyone else from one inbox. The dashboard also gives you access to prewritten messaging templates relating to particular topics you’re enquiring about such as product prices, international shipping, etc. This is especially handy for beginners. 

Products And Membership Costs 

A subscription to SaleHoo’s Directory costs $67 per year, which is less than $6 per month. If you’re interested in the Lifetime Access option, it costs $127. I think both options are great value especially considering some of their competitors cost at least triple that amount.   

One of SaleHoo’s competitors, Spocket charges $49 a month for their most popular Pro Version with no option for a lifetime membership. A 60-day refund guarantee is always included with SaleHoo, which is always a sign that a company is willing to back their product.  

SaleHoo has three products to choose from: 

  • SaleHoo Directory
  • Salehoo Dropship
  • SaleHoo Educate.

SaleHoo Directory 

This is their main product and is the core directory of suppliers and manufacturers. 

Cost: $67 per year or $127 lifetime

Salehoo Pricing

SaleHoo DropShip 

DropShip automates your dropship store. SaleHoo Dropship lets you add trending products from AliExpress to your Shopify store in minutes. It’s the simplest, smartest way to dropship. 

Cost: $27 per month or $270 annually for the Basic Plan

SaleHoo Educate 

Educate gives you the opportunity to learn from the experts and get access to SaleHoo’s exclusive eCommerce training videos that teach you how to build a successful online store using Shopify, Amazon, eBay, and more. 

Cost: $47 per course 

SaleHoo Customer Support 

  • Live Chat
    This allows you to share feedback and ask questions 12 hours a day on weekdays and 24 hours a day on weekends.  
  • Phone
    Always a good option if you can’t wait for someone to get back to you.  
  • Email and Contact Forms
    You can ask them anything by email. A contact form is a good option for sharing feedback only since it might take a while!  

Frequently Asked Questions About SaleHoo 

How much does it cost? 

$67 per year / $127 for life 

Is there a Satisfaction Guarantee? 

Yes. 60-day money back 

Where are the majority of the suppliers located? 

China, US, UK, Australia, and Europe 

Does SaleHoo have a Free Trial? 


Does SaleHoo work with Shopify? 

Yes… make the perfect combination for your online business. 

Can I find branded sporting products such as Adidas, Nike, Converse on SaleHoo? 


Does SaleHoo have good reviews on Trust Pilot? 

Yes, 91% of reviews have been rated excellent 

Can I source quality baby gear using SaleHoo? 

Yes, absolutely. 

Is SaleHoo worth it? 

Compared to many others, $67 a year or $127 lifetime is great value for money. 

Does SaleHoo have a YouTube channel? 

Yes. It contains many informative videos on all things dropshipping. 

Salehoo Customer Review


  • Over 8,000 wholesalers and suppliers from China, America Europe, and more  
  • Well-vetted suppliers reducing the chance of counterfeit products, dishonest suppliers, and consumer fraud 
  • Suppliers added daily 
  • Product lists updated every 3-4 days 
  • Extremely competitive membership plans and a 60-day money-back guarantee  
  • Lots of resources and training  
  • Quality customer support with very positive customer feedback 



  • Less dropshipping suppliers compared to other dropshipping directories 
  • Product niches are quite broad 
  • More specific product niches would be great
  • The research could be done on Google, but without the benefit of market research tools and free training   

Conclusion – should I take the plunge with SaleHoo? 

Considering all the things it offers, for just $67 a year, I truly think it provides value for money, especially for newbies who want to avoid the tedious tasks associated with sourcing and vetting suppliers themselves. There’s always the very generous 60-day money-back guarantee as a safety net, but I don’t think you’ll be needing to exercise this option. 

 All images courtesy of SaleHoo. 

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Get Salehoo for just $67 per year… that’s less than $6 per month! 

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