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13 of the Best Kanban Apps for 2021

Kanban was invented by Taiichi Ohno at the Toyota car factory in Japan. The word Kanban” is the Japanese word for “visual signal.” A kanban board is a visual workflow management method designed to help visualize work, limit work-in-progress, and maximize workflow and efficiency. Kanban boards use cards, columns, and continuous improvement to help teams dedicate the right amount of work to complete a task or job.




Paymo is a work and project management software that has Kanban boards as one of its many features. Paymo is extremely versatile and can also handle Time Tracking, Resource Planning, Gantt Charts, Reports, Kanban boards, Invoices, and Expenses. The Kanban board aspect of the software allows you to visualize how tasks move throughout projects, and customize your own workflows and identify bottlenecks early on. Paymo Kanban boards allow you to create workflows with different project stages. Tasks then move through the board as cards in a logical sequence, until they reach the complete stage and are struck off.

Monday Kanban


Monday is a productivity app that has Kanban boards to handle workflows. It can be set up in minutes, is very easy to set up and configure, has ready-to-use templates, and is fully customizable. You can collaborate with stakeholders and it integrates with your favorite tools. All of those mundane tasks can be automated so your team can focus on the work that makes a difference. With all communication and updates in one place, it allows teams to work more efficiently;y and release products faster. Dashboards allow you to track iterations and backlogs to see where your team stands against each milestone, and stay on top.



KanbanFlow is an app that allows you to visualize your work with Kanban boards. They give you a very good overview of your current work situation, enabling you to visualize projects in a team environment. This also simplifies communication and leads to increased and streamlined productivity. KanbanFlow also has a time tracking feature that allows you to track the time spent on your tasks. You can use the Pomodoro technique timer, which is a simple stopwatch timer, or you can log your time manually. The flexible Time spent report allows you to filter and group your logged time data in many ways.

Trello Kanban


Trello is now owned by Atlassian and helps work teams collaborate, manage projects, and work together to reach new productivity targets. Trello allows you to control the way your team works whether it’s a team of 5 or 500. You can start with a Trello board, lists, and cards and move on to Kanban boards. You can manage projects, organize tasks, customize, build team spirit, and grow with more features as your teamwork grows. Simply let the robots do the work with Trello’s built-in automation called Butler. This allows you to reduce the number of tedious tasks on your project board by leveraging the power of automation across your team.

41 Best Calendar, Scheduling and To-Do List Apps

16 of the Best Meeting Apps

Meetings… you either love them or hate them, especially if they’re the first thing on a Monday morning. That’s where meeting apps can help ease some of the pain and make scheduling, taking minutes, and creating shared agendas easier. Below is a collection of some of the best apps for meetings to help make them more enjoyable, streamlined, productive, and take up less time.

11 of the Best Employee and Team Scheduling Apps

Juggling employee scheduling for different days and shifts can be quite tricky, if you have staff working remotely, and especially if it’s all done manually. That’s when employee scheduling apps become invaluable. These apps can help you work out what staff you need, who’s available to work, and if your budget will cover the labor costs. They can also help with shift workers by letting them know when they’re needed to work. Below is a handy list of the eight best employee scheduling apps so scheduling doesn’t have to be a juggling act.

18 of the Best Time Management and Tracking Apps

As the old saying goes “Time Is Money”, and in the world of eCommerce this is even more relevant. If we want to improve our chances of success, we need to utilize our time very wisely. Below are some of the best apps available to make this happen.

24 of the Best Note Taking Apps

Our lives seem to be a constant juggling act. We always seem to be on the go, so we need all the help we can get to stay organized. Below are some of the most popular note-taking apps so you don’t forget anything or for when you have a brainwave for your next great business idea.

 11 of the Best Mind Map Apps

A Mind Map is an easy way to brainstorm ideas and represent them visually as a diagram. It represents tasks, words, concepts, or items all linked together. Mind Maps can turn difficult to comprehend information into a colorful, and organized diagram (or map) that works in line with people’s thought processes.

 7 of the Team Communication Apps

Team Chat apps are a perfect communication tool for companies that have a shared physical workspace. They allow workers to type a quick message to a team member, get an equally short reply, then get on with their work. Team chat apps also allow team members to either participate or ignore certain messages that may or may not be relevant to them.

 7 of the Best Focus and Block Distraction Apps

Let’s face it… it doesn’t take much for the majority of us to become distracted when we need to be focused and productive. This can be even more the case when we are at work with the internet and social media being the main culprits. This is where apps that help you focus can be very handy in increasing productivity. When a focus app is activated, you’ll see a reminder that it’s blocking particular websites and apps, so you can totally focus on the job at hand. Below are some of the most popular focus apps.

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