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23 of The Best Infographic Creation Websites for 2021

Gone are the days when you had to manually create infographics with bar and pie charts. Now there is a range of websites that semi-automate the process of creating professional and engaging infographics. Below are the best infographic creation websites.




Piktochart allows you to easily transform any text or data-heavy content into a visual asset that your target audience will find much more engaging and informative. Piktochart makes it easy, especially for beginners with all of its professionally designed templates. Its many features include the ability to import your brand colors by simply dragging your company logo onto the web page. It doesn’t stop with infographics. You can also create presentations, posters, flyers, social media graphics, reports, and more.

Canva Infographics


Canva is a graphic design app that started in Perth, Australia in 2013, and now has more than 55 million monthly active users around the world. It’s a very easy-to-use browser-based graphic design tool for making basic photo edits to designing social media images to flyers and eBooks. They also have a good collection of predesigned infographic templates to make things even easier. The pricing of their Pro Plan is very affordable at $12.95 per month, and there’s also a very generous free plan.



Snappa’s website says” Create Graphics In A Snap”… and it’s true. You can very quickly and easily design social media, ads, blogs, and more even if you’re a newbie and have absolutely no graphic design experience. This is largely thanks to the fact that Snappa has thousands of pre-made templates that not only look professional, but can gain you more attention, clicks, and customers. Image dimensions for infographics, social media, display ads, blogs, and emails are available as clickable presets, which saves you a lot of time.



Visme offers a range of graphic design features, one of them is their free online infographic maker to create beautiful data-rich infographics in no time. There are hundreds of pre-made templates and content blocks to choose from and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface to transform stats and figures into rich engaging content. There are over 50 charts and graphs, data widgets, maps, and flowcharts to choose from, that can be edited and customized to suit the message you want to send to content consumers.

… More Infographic Creation Websites

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