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36 Of The Best Font Websites For 2021

Fonts are such an important part of great graphic design, but sadly their importance is often overlooked. Below are some great font resources to assist you not only to choose the right fonts, but also how to use them correctly and effectively, either on their own or as font combinations.


My Fonts

My Fonts is a very handy font supplier where you can purchase web and desktop fonts. They claim to offer the largest selection of professional fonts for any project… over 130,000 fonts to be exact. Want to know what the name of a font is? It also has a font identifier tool called “What The Font”.

Creative Market Fonts

Creative Market

Creative Market features over 34,000 fonts ranging in style from hand-drawn, brush, and vector letterforms, along with extra character sets and embellishments for headers, text, and display. The fonts can be downloaded and used over and over for your online or print designs

Envato Fonts


In addition to all their other graphic elements, Envato Elements has over 8,000 fonts to choose from in various styles such as Serif, Sans Serif, script, handwritten and decorative. The fonts are presented on their website as actual design examples, which really helps you when making a choice.

Adobe Fonts

Adobe Fonts

Adobe Fonts has been one of the premier font suppliers for a number of years, and allows you to choose as many as you need from 1,000s of options. All of their fonts are included with your Creative Cloud subscription, are already licensed, and cleared for personal and commercial use.

… More Font Websites

Font Identifiers And Managers

Have you ever come across a website that has used a particular font, and you say to yourself… “Wow, I haven’t seen that awesome font before. I wonder what it is”. Well, there’s a way to find out. Below are a number of Font Identifier Chrome Extensions and websites that will tell you in an instant not only what font it is, but what size, weight, etc.

9 Best Font Pairing Websites

Font Pairing may sound trivial, but if you want your online store or website to look as professional and modern as possible, it’s imperative that you don’t use too many fonts and that you use font pairs that work together. Below is a list of Google Fonts that go together really well and some of the best websites to help you with Font Pairing.

  • Futura Bold & Souvenir
  • Rockwell Bold & Bembo
  • Helvetica Neue & Garamond
  • Super Grotesk & Minion Pro
  • Montserrat & Courier New
  • Playfair Display & Source Sans Pro
  • Amatic SC & Josefin Sans
  • Century Gothic & PT Serif

20 of the Best Animated Fonts and Text Websites

When done properly, animated text in videos is a great way to grab attention and increase customer engagement. Below are some of the best software and cloud-based animated text tools available to make your videos pop.

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