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23 Best Domain Registration Companies in 2021

A domain name registrar is a company that allows you to register, purchase, or transfer domain names. All domain name registrars are accreditated by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), a non-profit organization responsible for managing domain names.

Domain names simplify the location details of a website on the internet instead of having to enter a long unique number called an IP address.

The majority of domain names end with .com, but as the internet has grown over the years there are now over 800 extensions to choose from such as .org, .net, .co, .io and many more.

If you need to contact the owner of a particular website, their information may be available via a website such as WHOIS. From their database, you can look up the domain and IP owner information, and dozens of other statistics. The majority of website owners choose to have their personal details hidden from others to avoid being spammed.

Take the time to choose an appropriate domain name that’s going to work best for your brand and business. I’ve added a list of Domain Name Generator websites below to help you make the right choice.

The right domain name is important for many reasons:

  • it should have a good first impression and a lasting impression, meaning people will easily remember it and what it represents;
  • an exact match domain name as a URL will help your SEO ranking.
  • It reinforces your brand and helps to position you with authority in your particular niche.




Domain.com is a global company that started in 1998 and is actually an all-in-one solution with not only domain name registrations but also web hosting, email, SSL certificates, web design, and online marketing services. They also have a new and improved Website Builder that is intuitive and easy, so you can build your site with speed and ease. Domain.com powers more than 1.2 million websites around the globe.

.com Domains Start At $9.99/yr




Dynadot is a well-known domain name registrar that offers advanced domain management with a world-class control panel and industry-beating prices. Their domain registration rates are very affordable and they claim to have no second-year sticker shock or crazy cart add-ons like some other registrars do. They say their pricing is transparent pricing on .COMs, and offer free domain privacy as well.

.com Domains Start At $7.99/yr




Name Cheap is also a one-stop-shop offering domain name registration, hosting, security, WordPress, apps, and much more. With a 4.7 out of 5 rating by over 1.5 million customers, it’s no wonder they have become one of the most popular domain name registration companies. Their website makes it very easy to purchase, or transfer a domain name and even generate a new name for your website. WhoisGuard is provided free.

.com Domains Start At $8.88/yr


    GoDaddy Domains


    GoDaddy is the world’s largest Internet Service Provider with more than 80 million domains under management. The latest service GoDaddy has added is Business Protection. If your domain name expires and you’re not aware, it protects your most important domain names by blocking both accidental and malicious domain transfers for up to 12 hours. It also keeps your personal details hidden from hackers.

    .com Domains Start At $9.99/yr


    … More Domain Registration Companies

    31 Best Domain Name Generators

    If you’re having trouble thinking of a domain good name to represent your business and your brand, then this list will help. There are many things to consider when choosing a successful domain name, such as should I choose a .com or go for one of the new ones? The safest bet is still to go with .com as it is the most widely recognized around the world and always looks more legitimate and professional. Other things to consider include putting your main keyword in the title of your domain if possible, choosing a name that is not difficult to spell, less than 15 characters ideally, avoid hyphens in the name, and make it brandable. Below is a list of Domain Name Generators that will help you find the best one for your online business. 

    26 Best Places To Buy and Sell Domain Names and Websites

    Websites can be built up to become a valuable asset. You can think of them these days as digital real estate. Just like you can buy and sell houses, you can also buy and sell domains and websites. When it comes to websites, the formula used to roughly calculate their worth is the monthly earnings multiplied by 30. Some websites sell for as much as 40 times their monthly earnings, or as little as 20, so 30 is the rule of thumb. Below is a handy list of websites where you can buy and sell domains and websites.

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