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27 Of The Best Help Desk and Customer Service Apps For Ecommerce

Quality customer service always has, and always will be very important in determining the level of success of any business. Live chat for online stores has become one of the preferred options for customer service from the store owner and the customer’s point of view. The key factors to consider when choosing a help desk tool for your online business are affordability; ease of setup and use; management features; advanced support options; and integration capabilities. Below is a list of some of the best help desk apps available to make interacting and collecting customer feedback a whole lot easier.




ReplyCo is a very useful app to help you grow your eCommerce business by helping you with all those tedious help desk tasks and improve response rates across eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and more. Email templates allow you to respond to messages quickly and efficiently. Processing returns and refunds for your eBay store for example is a breeze. ReplyCo also integrates seamlessly with Amazon, Shopify, Linnworks, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Gmail, and more.



edesk is a centralized place to manage all your eCommerce customer support. It also allows the user to boost eCommerce growth with its smart customer ticketing software. With edesk there is no need to log into multiple channels each and every day. All your customer queries are in one place with related order details and conversation history. edesk has an impressive list of integrations for marketplaces, web stores, email and communications, social media, and fulfillment.

Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is a customer service software that helps you put your customers at the forefront in terms of satisfaction. Its omnichannel feature allows you to manage your customer conversations across multiple channels such as email, chat, phone, social media, and your website. You can also automate repetitive manual actions, and manage complex cross-functional service processes. Zoho Desk’s distinct advantage over its competitors is Zia, an AI-powered assistant.



freshdesk is an app that has omnichannel features, bots, and self-service solutions for customer service. Their ticketing system allows you to prioritize, categorize and assign tickets so you never lose track of them. They have support across channels to unify and manage all support-related communications from multiple channels on a single platform. Freshdesk’s built-in capabilities will allow you to automate all of those repetitive and time-consuming helpdesk tasks.

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46 of the Best Live Chat Apps


Live Agent

Live Agent is an all-in-one help desk software for answering more tickets, more efficiently. There’s no setup fee and no credit card required to sign up, they have 24/7 customer service, and you can cancel anytime. Live Agent has over 130 ticketing features and over 200 integrations with the most popular platformssuchasShopify, WordPress, Zapier, Salesforce, and much more.

Olark Chat


Olark’s allows you to learn from every online activity via its customer data tools. You can chat in real-time, engage with your customers, answer their questions, and gather valuable feedback. You can also organize customer data, store structured notes and chat transcripts in Olark or your CRM. Olark allows you to optimize your products and services by analyzing customer feedback.

Tidio Chat


Tidio provides the user with the ability to chat with your customers, boost their engagement, therefore increasing customer satisfaction, conversions, and your online store’s average order value. Tidio uses AI solutions to recognize customers’ queries and act upon them. They can also save abandoned carts, offer discounts, generate leads, and much more. They also offer 24/7 support to their users.

BotStar chat


Botstar allows you to engage with your customers using live chat and chatbots, therefore increasing your leads and conversions. Botstar’s chatbots collect data and analyze information collected from your audience, giving you the ability to make changes to your business. You can also integrate with over 1000 apps such as Shopify, HubSpot, Stripe Payments, and more.

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22 of the Best Push Notification Apps For Ecommerce

Push notifications tools for web and mobile are very powerful in terms of lead generation and engagement, with some open rates of up to 90%. These tools are very flexible and allow you to configure your notifications to go out automatically at a specific time or manually. Below is a list of some of the best push notification tools to help you increase your leads and engagement.

7 of the Best Apppointment Booking Apps For Ecommerce

An online appointment booking app can be very handy, even for ecommerce businesses because it makes booking appointments not only automatic and effortless for the business owner, but much quicker, easier, and more convenient for the client. How cool is it for the client knowing they can book their next appointment with you from anywhere at any time as long as they can access your online store. Below are some of the best appointment booking apps for online and brick-and-mortar stores.

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