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33 Of The Best Whiteboard Animation Software for 2021

In the beginning, there were chalkboards for teaching, illustrating different things, and telling stories. Chalkboards and chalk were then replaced with physical whiteboards and marker pens.

Now whiteboards came come to life as an animation to make the storytelling process or highlighting the features of a product even more engaging.

Below are a number of different whiteboard animation programs that are very easy to use and will make complex concepts and information, easy to understand.




VideoScribe is an easy-to-use, intuitive software that allows you to tell your story with engaging and professional-looking animated videos. It’s perfect whether you’re in business, education, or any other type of business. Simply select your images, type or paste your text and add music or a voiceover and VideoScribe will do the rest. The software uses drag and drop functionality and also gives you instant access to a library of thousands of customizable images and music tracks. It’s available for Windows and Mac.




Animaker is the perfect software for beginners, non-designers & professionals to create an engaging animation. It allows you to potentially create billions of unique characters in different scenes, situations, and environments. All of this is achievable using its drag and drop feature and via access to over 1,000 templates and over 100 million stock videos and photos. Having to create different size videos for different social platforms is not a problem with Animaker’s instant resize feature.




Vyond is very easy to use, therefore you can save plenty of money not having to hire expensive video creators. It allows your business to create professional animated videos with ease for marketing, training, human resources, and eLearning purposes. Vyond is changing the way the world communicates, one video at a time. With Vyond’s extensive library of templates, sounds, props, and more you can quickly create video content that improves engagement, conversions, and sales figures. 



Doodly allows you to use your imagination and create highly engaging animated “doodles” without spending a lot of money on professional videographers to create hand-sketched animations for you. Even if you have little design or technical skills, Doodly’s drag and drop interface makes it easy for beginners. Doodly can be used for sales videos, instructional videos, social media videos, special business, or personal occasions. Doodly is created by Bryxen, who also make Toonly and Voomly.


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17 of the Best 2D Animation Software

2D animation software is a great way to create engaging content and help your online business connect with your audience. 2D cartoon animation can be very useful and effective especially if you sell products for children. Below is a very handy list of the most popular 2D Animation tools and software to take your content to the next level.

18 of the Best 3D Animation Software

3D animation or modelling software helps to bring imagination to reality using computer graphics. With 3D software, you can make drawings, pictures and graphics look as if they are moving in a 3D space. You can also rotate and move objects just like in real life. Below are some of the best 3D modelling tools and software.

20 of the Best Animated Fonts and Text Websites

When done properly, animated text in videos is a great way to grab attention and increase customer engagement. Below are some of the best software and cloud-based animated text tools available to make your videos pop.

… How To Create a Whiteboard Animation

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